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  1. but they are as well cosiderably larger then the HR10 right?
  2. thanks for sharing i somehow passed that my bad. So basically doint its job and its some nice temps you got there
  3. sorry for bothering you but is there any output about the temps? Performace any good?
  4. its a nice cherry on the top if you dont mind the collor scheme and the price tag.... Otherwise i would not go for it.. im kind of a TR fan and yes buy better fans - slap them on a TR and you will be 1/2 of the noctua price tag and call it a day
  5. New System drive with an Raid 5 WD black drive.. Disks are second hand but with 0 h/ just 3-8 times power on count.... and each costed me about 92 EUR which i bellieve is not a bad deal! The coolers are new .... Now i just need to buy some time to implement, install, and get it running..... (do you have it as well that you have more projects than time for them? )
  6. Used Xpansion card from Seagate 2TB for ......... 100 bucks! working like a charm and thanks to the DYI cooler stand i made its cooling this small thing as well BTW does anyone know the TBW of this card? Next i finally made the step and bought my self a test bench... Streacom BC1 still in progress...
  7. I like it! Put this on a metal cup in black and ill buy it for my coffee....
  8. Thermalright CPU and SSD Coolers at Computex 2024 WWW.TECHPOWERUP.COM Thermalright brought several new CPU and M.2 SSD coolers to the 2024 Computex. Our tour of the Thermalright Computex booth began with the HR10, a high-performance active cooling solution for... So Aparently the biggest AIR cooler from them is Frozen Vortex and it has 6 x 6 mm pipes with 1x 8mm pipe! here some pictures : Thermalright Frost Vortex 140 SE 서린 : 다나와 가격비교 PROD.DANAWA.COM 최저가 94,830원, 현금최저가: 93,000원 Im rly loioking farward to see the tests! its like a hybrid between the Frost Comander 140 and and the Phantom Spirit
  9. Well thats interesting, looking forward to the tests as well the comparision to the Noctua End why i admire them? Well good Quality and good performance doesnt have to be expensive..
  10. yes but on Windows, not on Ubuntu, but it was ok for me...
  11. I like that there is still enough space for improvement and i like as well the approach of them that first they make some runns and sells of the brown version and if everything goes well the they release the black one… but as wrote already, cant wait for realtime testing and reviews
  12. thats exactly what i did, as a maintenence OS i just installed there an 120 gb SSD with Windows and all the tools so if domething went wrong im able to diagnose the whole machine and test it propperly.. as in ubuntu its not easy if you dont know the system and all the "commands".. but yeah thank you for the advice.. and as wrote before, unfortunatelly i was just able to runn it in the 1x PCIE 4 and 1x in PCIE 3, but anyway its doing what it should for now so happy with the result Thanks again for the support....
  13. so thats interesting Looking forward to some tests but at 150 usd its kinda ewwww... and brown but on the other side, all the fans i have from them are running 24/7 for 6+ years and they are still kicking.. and the orldest one is running 10 years now
  14. so the final state is, that the rig is stable on CPU and Memory, GPU as well but i could not get it run in 2x x16 PCIE 4.0. No mather wat i do or set up it will ens up with 1 working and one being in error state. Funny thing is that it working in a maunual setup first PCIE port in 16x PCIE 4.0 and the pcie Nr. 3 in x16 PCIE 3.0... dont ask me why or how but its working.. Im kinda OK witht he end result. BTW there is a nice command: nvidia-smi -q it shows all the details of the GPUS, as well the limits, PCIE connected to ect.... Thank you very much guys for your support and sharing the informations with me.
  15. well my initial thought was that Ubuntu is lke Windows and OS and that there is for sure an way how to stresstest the whole system based on the Ubuntu OS... As already told this OS is new to me so my learning curve has many hickups and maybee the way of asking is not that clear or direct it would be if i would knoww what im talking about : I know what i want , the problem is to define it :).... The fah cient is kinda not working for me.. but will try it with an ETC miner to see if it gets the both GPUS runing and on what lvl... I made the Sage working in a way that it works fine if you define the lanes as PCIE 3... at least something @neurotix - thank you for your time investement and your help, appreciate it! will post back once i have an result...
  16. it has to be ubuntu as the provider need to be ubuntu... 20.04 version... Its an threadripper build on the Asus Sage wrx80 with an threadripper 3975WX, 256 GB ram and 2x 4090 but have to say i have problems to ge running the 2x4090 o pcie 4.0 x 16 , even when i tested in a WIN 11 instalation and Ubuntu is very new to me as well as the motherboard.. so im strugling pretty much ... tryied as well to install the FAH client on ubuntu based on the comands on their side and kinda got stuck as it is missing some files and i just uninstalled it as it was throwing me every 5 min "softare error occured"... Telling my self that now i know how my Mom was feeling when i gave her the iphone and she is already an older lady was used to Android and now as well kinda "strugling so if here is someone sakilled to get me through it or give me some advice how to make it working would be nice as there are not much informations on the internet about the sage boards...
  17. OMG, how could i forget Folding? bcs of the tree i dont see the forest LOL.... Thank you for the recomendation in the right direction....!
  18. downloaded superposition but running it takes already 1,5 H and doing nothing... weird but ill let the "run" file finish... "download" it...
  19. so guys, the system is stable but still kinda lacking any app to get both GPU stresstested.. wanted to make an all around stresstest on the machine to see if it is stable from each perspective, HW part.... Any ideas? found this here but non of them are working for me or im just to inmature in Ubuntu 20.04 Perform GPU, CPU, and I/O stress testing on Linux LAMBDALABS.COM How to stress test a system for simultaneous GPU and CPU loads using two stress tools, stress and gpu_burn, and three monitoring tools, htop, iotop and nvidia-smi. GitHub - wilicc/gpu-burn: Multi-GPU CUDA stress test GITHUB.COM Multi-GPU CUDA stress test. Contribute to wilicc/gpu-burn development by creating an account on GitHub. any support would be highly appreciated....
  20. I rly like their approach.. not packing poo nicely and trying to sell it as (bon-bons) candy
  21. Just got an email from Thermal Grizzly: Dear Thermal Grizzly Customer, Based on recent feedback from a small number of customers, we would like to bring the following to your attention: During the installation of the Intel Mycro-Direct-Die and the Intel High Performance Heatspreader V1, it may occur that the desired cooling performance is not achieved. Ensure that the optimal cooling is indeed reached. If you find that the performance does not meet your expectations, we kindly ask you to send an email to [email protected] so we can find a satisfying solution. The email should include the following information: -Which cooler are you using? (if using the heatspreader) -Which motherboard are you using? -Which thermal paste or liquid metal are you using? Photos of the components as well as before/after screenshots of the temperatures under load would help us better to judge the current situation. Our engineers are working hard to find a solution. For further questions or more information, our customer service is at your disposal. Mit freundlichen Grüßen / sincerely Thermal Grizzly Web: www.thermal-grizzly.com Support: [email protected] Sales: [email protected] It didnt arrived yet but this is not taking my hopes high... But lets see... On the other side i appreciate the "case handling" of them, have to admit that its a legit approach... Ill keep you posted...
  22. Yes but lets see im eager to see some reviews but not sure if someone will cover this… im for sure gonna test it on my 14900k and with 2 air coolers… got the frost comander 140 and the phantom spirit evo looking forward for the results as the comander has the bigger coldplate and therefore more contact with the heatspreader… as well as its bigger - the cooler has more fins.. well curious …
  23. Finallly!!! Not as good as the direct die frame they did with noctua for the ryzen cpus but at least something! Will get it and let you guys know what my experience is/was/will be
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